Water reservoir with drinking troughs, Gorjansko

Unique example of technical and cultural heritage.

Water reservoir with drinking troughs at the end of the village Gorjansko in the direction of the state border with Italy (Aurisina/Nabrežina) and Brje pri Komnu, 200 metres after the shrine. This unique example of technical and cultural heritage is believed to have been built in 1906 to provide drinking water for cattle. The villagers directed the rainwater into a channel and then into sinks (or sand collectors) from where the water ran into a cistern with a capacity of 650m3. The building is dug into the earth and is partially covered with soil and overgrown with grass. The front facade is made from a beautifully built stone wall with two side wings. Along the wall are two drinking troughs, next to which are two niches with metal doors containing the valves for the exit door of cisterns.

GPS: 45.8005586, 13.7111635

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