Storž gallery, Štanjel

It has the name of the self-taught painter Anton Rupnik – Storžev.

Vesna and Marijan Černe
Štanjel 29
Tel.: +386 (0)5 769 1007
Tel.: +386 (0)31 389 621

In the last street on the top of the hill there is a small Storževa gallery. It has the name of the self-taught painter Anton Rupnik – Storžev, who lived and worked here in his last years.


This house was reconstructed in old manner of building houses made of stone in Štanjel. The walls are made of stones, width from 60 till 80 cm to maintain the stability of the hous because of the heavy roof made of stone. The walls without plaster can be seen under the roof. In the wall there are small holes which were used as a place to put the light or something else. The walls are smoked because  the open fire was used in the past.

Roofing is made of oak wood. Rafters are connected with wooden shears, that are used as ceiling-beam. To fix everything wooden and later iron nails were used. The roof iz made of stones, broken slate limestone. Stones were put on to the wooden construction. Three wooden carriers in the middle of the roof are made new, two of them at the sides are old.

Slate stones were put one on another, without gluing, this is the reason that roofs made of stone are steeper than the roofs made of tiles. There is no more findings of slate stone on the Kras. The material used for this reconstruction was brought from old collapsed roofs and some of them were digged from the soil, but they are not good and  this is the reason that stones are small and are put in concrete to be glued.



In the gallery there are shown paintings of Anton Rupnik – Storžev.

He was born in an old family in Logatec. As he was curious since childhood, he has always open eyes for the nature. Only the nature was his teacher. This is the reason that the pictures are its alike. He became a painter (and photographer too) of sunny landscapes and corn fields. With the paintbrush he praises quiet and modest beauties of  Notranjska and Kras, and as he said: »My pictures express history, peace, bread and beauty.« The pictures show nothing but human world and memories of sweat and blisters of our ancestors. He died in 1992 in Sežana.

Sometimes we host in the gallery also other artists.




The gallery has no defined opening time. It is open almost all the days. If not, you can ring the bell at the opposite side of the street at family Černe and we'll open it. You can also announce your arrival on contacts below.

There is no entrance fee.

GPS: 45.8236870, 13.8459560

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