The Church of St. Catherine, Kodreti

The original church was situated on the nearby Lukovnik Hill.

The original church was situated on the nearby Lukovnik Hill and was consecrated in 1518, but because of the ecclesiastical reforms of Joseph II it was closed and demolished. The second church was built in 1805 in Dolanci, but according to oral tradition it was desecrated, as it witnessed scenes of fighting and bloodshed. So in 1879, a new Church of St. Catherine was built and consecrated in Kodreti. In 1896, the church was extended and the belltower was added in which three bells now chime. The interior is decorated with three altars: the first is dedicated to the virgin and martyr St. Catherine from Alexandria, the two side altars are dedicated to St. Cross and to the Mother of God. The presbytery wall paintings with the symbol of the Holy Ghost make the church even more beautiful. The ceiling of the nave contains a picture of the resurrection of Christ.

GPS: 45.8167499, 13.8881541

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