Karst dishes

Karst cuisine has been influenced by the Mediterranean with its different aromas, spices and vegetables.

Certain specialities of Karst cuisine are dishes prepared with Teran wine. These are “teranov toč” (prosciutto fryed in oil and then covered with Teran), “teranove supe” (stale bread dipped in milk and eggs, fried and then covered with Teran) and “frtalja” (thick fried pancakes made with different herbs such as fennel, mint and melissa).

The preparation of lamb, chicken and veal knuckles attracts tourists and holidaymakers. Lamb with mlinci ( a type of home made pasta) is often on Sunday lunch menu. Meat dishes are served with potatos sauteed with onion and Brussels sprouts. Beef soup with home-made lezanji( noodles) and meatfrom the soup have always been a very popular dish. Besides lezanji, wide noodles and bleki (little squares made from noodle dough) are also very popular. With authentic sauces, Karst people have turned pasta into unique dish.

Festivities are accompanied by characteristic delicacies like walnut cake “potica”, apple strudel, sweet bread “presenc”, štravbe, štruklji, and other culinary specialities, which reflect the intertwined cultural and historic influences with the natural environment of the Karst. Over the course of time, housewives have created many great culinary innovations and traditional dishes.
Ž`pca mustn't be forgotten at Easter. We make it by cooking different pieces of curek pork:leg, ears, tail, head, tongue and better pieces; hard cooked eggs, laurel and grains of black pepper. It has to be served cold.

In spring, the Karst invites with tasty frtalje (egg omlets) prepared from wild asparagus, fennel, sage, balm and elder and acacia blossoms. Karst women use a rich assortment of herbs and spices, but always in such a way that flavors of original basic ingredients dominate.

Jota and minestrones
A typical Karst dish is jota, a soup made from cabbage, turnip or sauerkraut. A piece of pork is added. Karst specialities are minestrones made of celery, peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, barley and macaroni, with inviting taste and aroma. Karst people are very proud of šelinka (celery soup) which is served with buckwheat polenta.

Potato dumplings with plums are also popular. 

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