The Ferrrari garden, Štanjel

Ferraris garden was constructed in the interwar period according to the plans of Max Fabiani as a part of Ferraris villa.

The Ferrari Garden (Ferrarijev Vrt) below the fortified settlement of Štanjel. The path to the top of the garden leads through the Kobdilj Tower. The villa complex and garden took shape in the 1920s and 1930s under the supervision of Max Fabiani. It is the most important park complex in Slovenia from the interwar period. The owner of the whole complex was Enrico Ferrari, a doctor from Trieste and Max Fabiani’s nephew, who bought up the majority of properties in the first row of buildings above the park and also some of the buildings in the second row. Fabiani renovated the houses, but he did not separate them from the street. The transformation from a farm homestead into a villa was a conceptual innovation in European architecture. The park side of the houses is arranged as a rural villa with a park. The garden itself is composed of several terraces, which are influenced by the architectural style of the buildings of Štanjel, and it blends in well with the surrounding landscape. Besides vegetable and flower beds, various plants and trees, pergolas, a bowling green, a scenic overlook and a pavilion, the main characteristic of the garden is a pool which was filled from a purpose - built water supply. Rainwater was collected from the hill in Štanjel. Using the same system, all the buildings of the villa had their own running water. Unfortunately, this water supply system was destroyed in World War II together with many houses and a tower at the end of the complex on the north-eastern side. The villa and park have their own entrances in the form of a path, which encircles the hill of Štanjel and ends with wrought iron gates embossed with the personalised logo of the owner. From the Ferrari Garden and the circular path the visitor has beautiful views of the Branica Valley. Recently, the park has become a popular place for lovers, and wedding ceremonies sometimes take place on the Venetian Bridge.