Mali Dol

Mali Dol is a small nucleated settlement.

Mali Dol is a small nucleated settlement which lies 2 kilometres to the North-east of Komen. According to oral tradition, the village was established in the Middle Ages, when the Count of Rihemberk (now Branik) gave this area to three shepherd brothers. During World War II the village was burnt down twice: on 27 September 1943 it was partially damaged, but on 15 February 1944 it was burnt to ashes. The inhabitants were deported to Bavaria.
In the centre of the village are: a chapel, a well from 1896 with two stone arches and a memorial plaque dedicated to the first arson of the village. In the village sorroundings are several macadam paths where you can admire natural and cultural heritage. The most interesting is a walking path around the village. It starts in the centre of the village and it leads towards the monument of A. Furlan (Grškovs farmer) where you can see a well, mulberry trees, stone walls, a kal with "japenica" (a cave used to slake lime) and mighty oak tree with 4 m in circuference.

Name of the people who live in Mali Dol: Malidolci, number of inhabitants: 40 (year 2015). The village is situated 164 metres above sea-level.




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