The smallest village in the Municipality of Komen.

The smallest village in the Municipality of Komen, Škofi is perched on the lower elevation, by the local road which connects Volčji Grad with Brje. Unfortunately, the history of Škofi is not known. The most important role was played by the Štrekelj family who moved to Škofi from Gorjansko. The entrance to the family house testifies to this fact: it has a magnificent stone gateway. Due to the good location of the village, numerous partisan units, including a navy unit, stayed in the village during World War II. On the house number 4 is a memorial symbol, which was placed there in the memory of a partisan unit, detachment of marines. At the end of the village is also a monument dedicated to three partisans that were killed in the war.

  Name of the people who live in Škofi: Škofovci, number of inhabitants: 8 (year 2015). The village is situated 230 metres above sea-level.  

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