Is situated two kilometres away from Komen.

The village of Rubije is situated two kilometres away from Komen, to the east of the regional Komen-Škrbina road.
The village is surrounded by a number of small hills: to the north-east is St. Martin’s Hill (476m) and Šumka (also Šunka 518m), to the north are Ovčjak (575m), Lipanjski Vrh (536m) and Sv. Katarina To the north-west is Trstelj (643m).
In the past, small churches were situated on top of the hills of Sv. Martin and Sv. Katarina, but they were demolished supposedly because of the ecclesiatical reforms by Joseph II. In the surroundings of Škrbina and Rubije there are two abandoned quarries where many stonemasons and stonecutters from the vicinity were employed. There is a small chapel dedicated to Virgin Marie in the village.

Rubije has 37 inhabitants (2015) and lies 316 metres above sea-level.  

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