Vitovska grganja

The VITOVSKA GRGANJA is an old white wine species widely spread on the Karst, namely on the both sides of the borderline, as well as in the Vipava Valley. Its origins are not known, however, it was mentioned already in 1844 by Matija Vertovec who assumed to be this variety of wine in the region primeval. The more than 100 year old vine – Vitovska Grganja which grows at the typical houses of the Karst region and in the vineyards too, gives evidence of the wine-growing tradition and the significance of this variety.
It is a refreshing wine that can be drunk alone, not just with meals, and has a mild taste of almonds. The wine is elegant and has a moderate alcohol content. Vitovska wine should be cooled to 12°C and served with light dishes such as pasta, fish, seafood, white meat and vegetables.